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Soup’s On!

May 27, 2011

In preparation for beginning my new sugar-gluten-dairy-yeast free diet, I thought I’d better make a few things in advance to have on hand during my first week.

Since nut butters from approved nuts are allowed, and it’ll be brilliant spread on rice cakes (also allowed, though not in excess), I prepared a batch of my favourite almond nut butter, sans maple syrup (a natural sweetener, yes, but still not allowed). Even without the maple syrup, it’s still very tasty!

I also thought it would be a good idea to have something that would be easy to grab and take to work for lunch on occasions where there were no healthy leftovers. I didn’t want to go out and buy any new ingredients, so I took stock of my pantry and used what I had on hand and made Lentil Soup (click to link to recipe).

First step: I chopped three carrots. I washed them well and left the peel on for a nutritional boost.

I omitted the celery (not my favourite) and moved onto the onion, excited that it let me try out my newest kitchen gadget:

It looks very much like a hair clip, but in fact it’s designed to hold round foods (onions, potatoes, tomatoes) and help you safely slice them. It’s rubber on the bottom to hold the claw in place.  Put the onion in between the claws:

Slice down in between the claws:

And voila!

To chop the onion into pieces, I put it back in the claw with the slices perpendicular to the claws and sliced it again. Brilliant!

Next I rinsed the lentils. The recipe doesn’t suggest what kind to put in, so I used brown, partly because I had them on hand and partly because they hold their shape (unlike red lentils which become complete mush when cooked. I’m sure mush is a technical cooking term).

I minced three cloves of garlic (did you know garlic is a known anti-fungal remedy? I’ve been taking a few garlic pills…odourless…a day as extra defense against the Candida)….

…then tossed all the indredients in the slow cooker, and with a bit of thyme on top, it was almost ready to go. I just needed to add liquid.

Here’s where things got interesting. I boiled my water and had even gotten to the point where I had put vegetable bouillon cubes into it, when it occurred to me to read the ingredients on the bouillon package. Problem! Did you know that it has sugar in it?? At least the brand I had in my cupboard did.

Side note: Did you also know that bouillon is spelled with the I before the L’s and not after? I had no clue. 

Yup. That sugar is going to be a tricky one!

Rather than waste eight cups of water, I scooped out the bouillon before it had a chance to dissolve completely, but some remained and so my liquid had a minor amount of sugar in it. Sigh. Live and learn!

I set the slow cooker on high for 4.5 hours and about 1/2 hour before the time was up, I chopped up and added some kale:

The end result is quite tasty and I managed to get several servings out of one pot. I’ve made better, but this one will do, and fits in with my new diet (with the exception of the minor amount of sugar from the vegetable bouillon), when I’m stuck for lunch!

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