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Weekend Wind-Up: Victoria Day Long Weekend!

May 24, 2011

I think that for any of us who’ve endured the past few weeks of grey and gloom in Southern Ontario, regardless of what we ended up doing this long weekend, we are all in agreement that the weather rocked!!

To celebrate the nice weather, A and I headed out to dinner on Friday night. Destination: anywhere with a patio! We ended up at a cute Mediterranean inspired restaurant South of us (to avoid the traffic heading East and West), where I indulged in a spinach salad topped with candied walnuts and breaded goat cheese rounds to start, followed by perogies cooked with bacon and onions and served with the biggest side dish of sour cream I’ve ever gotten with a meal! Honestly! Usually restaurants are stingy with the S.C., but these guys obviously recognize the need (my need) to smother things in the stuff.

After dinner we decided to go window shopping. I ended up buying a pair of rain boots! I’ve been searching for weeks but have been running into some major problems as far as fit. I wanted a pair I can tuck my pants into, but all the ones I’ve tried on are too tight around my calves (darn muscles!). I lucked out at Marks Work Warehouse with these beauties:

Not exactly what I wanted as far as colour, but they fit well (jeans are tuck-able) and were on sale for $30! Can’t go wrong with a sale 🙂 My pants, and my nice shoes, will thank me on rainy days. Of course, there probably won’t be that many rainy days now that I’ve bought them. Life just seems to work that way sometimes…

Saturday was designated as outdoor chores day. And man, did we ever chore it up! After breakfast we were out in the yard, me weeding and prepping the front garden, A pulling weeds and mowing the lawn.

The front garden was ridiculously in need of work. Here are the before pics:

Yikes! Once I got started, I found all sorts of things, aside from the requisite weeds and dandelions:

A fork...

A religious note...

We were outdoors for a couple of hours, then headed out to pick up a few things from Home Depot and the grocery store. We have two major lawn issues that need to be dealt with: ants and weeds. There are restrictions now in Ontario regarding pesticides and herbicides (justified I think), so we bought what was available, mostly eco-friendly, for taking care of both those problems.

We came back home and did some more gardening and raking, putting the finishing touches on the front garden. We bought some Lobelia and Celosia (both annuals) to plant along the edge of the bed in the front, and once they grow it’ll be quite pretty.



Already on their way are the perennials I planted years ago, yellow Day Lillies, Purple Coneflowers and Bee Balm.

Here are the after pics:

The back garden is another issue entirely and I’ll have to devote some time to it next weekend. We’re planning on replacing part of it with a vegetable bed at some point in the near future, so I’ll do minimal work there. The Hostas are already starting to come up though, as are the Anemones, but they’re the only remaining plants from the work I did a few years ago.



My theory is that the majority of what I planted drowned, as it gets quite wet back there. When we put in the vegetable garden, we’ll build a box to create a raised bed which should help with drainage. That’s the plan, anyways.

Saturday night we had a nice pasta dinner with BBQ’d sausage, then headed out to grab an ice cream to eat down by the lake. It was such a beautiful night, but still cool once the sun goes down.

Sunday arrived and we had ourselves a good sleep in. Being out all day Saturday was exhausting and muscle aches were present (still are). I actually wasn’t feeling well for most of the day, so we kept things low key, but did manage to do some indoor chores and get the office mostly organized. After a yummy dinner of fish and chips (and red pepper sticks, to make things a little less beige), we attempted a walk down by the lake, but it was incredibly foggy and the warmth of the sun was completely blocked, making it a chilly trek. We were down there for all of 10 minutes before deciding to come home, picking up a movie to watch on our way.

We watched How To Tame Your Dragon and was it ever cute! I love movies like that. The dialogue was clever, the story was good and the animation was amazing! I recommend watching it if you’re looking for a good flick.

And then it was Monday. Monday was a busy day. I’m embarking on some pretty major dietary changes, which I’ll write about in a day or two, so I did some prep work on meals for the week to make that transition a little smoother. Other inside chores were carried out and then we headed off to my parents for a family dinner.

It was great to have a chance to do the things we’ve been wanting to do for a few weeks now, but haven’t been able to with the weather being so uncooperative. Here’s hoping things will be a little less…wet…from here on out!

Hope everyone had a fantabulous long weekend!

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