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May 12, 2011

Today (I’m writing this on the 11th) is our four month anniversary 🙂

I’ve been trying all week to write a post describing how completely surreal it is sometimes that A is in my life, but am having a hard time articulating exactly what I mean by that.

I’ll try again!

Up until A and I met in January, I had been living a somewhat  tolerable existence as a single woman. A string of first dates and meeting men who just wouldn’t commit or who freaked out at the drop of a pin, had left me at the point where I had almost given up hope. A part of me honestly thought that I’d never find someone. And that hurt. A lot.

Then along came A and everything changed. To go from thinking I’ll be alone forever and trying to come to terms with that, to being in the most amazing relationship I’ve ever had practically overnight (it was a few weeks, but you get the drift)?


It’s surreal. Words like wondrous, awe, astonishment and miraculous also seem appropriate.

Now and then I’ll sit back and think ‘I can’t believe this is finally happening for me’. I feel like I’ve won the lottery. That’s the only way I can think of to describe it. One minute you have nothing, the next, everything.

I wish I could say I’ll hold onto this surrealism forever, but I know that most likely at some point I’ll lose this sense of astonishment at how my life has done a complete 180. It’s inevitable when you’re with someone for quite some time.  Already we both feel like we’ve been together for a lot longer than four months.

But who knows? Maybe my years of being single have instilled in me the lesson of never take anything for granted. Only time will tell.

Regardless, I’m going to enjoy this feeling for as long as it lasts. I’m going to take those moments of wonder and awe and embrace them and be thankful that all of my crappy dating experiences over the years led me to this place.

It’sur-really amazing 🙂

(Sorry. I couldn’t resist some cheesy word-play)

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