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Avoiding the Plague

May 6, 2011

There’s some sort of spring plague going around my work.


Of our staff of around 15 or so people, FIVE have been sick with a flu/cold over the past two weeks. There’s a sick person popping up every few days! But I’m hoping that all my healthy efforts over the past month will pay off and the plague will avoid me.

To fight the germs I have been:

1. Consistently taking a multi-vitamin, calcium supplement, odorless garlic pills and a pro-biotic mixture every day. I was taking ginseng, but it ran out a couple weeks ago and it was only yesterday that A bought me a new bottle of it. My doc recommended ginseng as a supplement to boost my immunity.

2. Drinking a mixture of Amazing Grass Green Super Food (chocolate flavour) with a cup of unsweetened almond milk every morning. It’s chalk full of all sorts of green goodness that’s designed to fight nasty things in our bodies.Source

3. Drinking a glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it every morning (wow, I’m drinking a lot!), in hopes of making my insides less acidic and more alkaline. An alkaline body helps fight nasty things and remove toxins.

So in the area of nutrients and supplements, I’ve been doing very well. There are some areas that still need improvement though, namely my sugar intake (which kind of counter-acts my efforts at alkalizing my innards) and my inconsistent work outs.

In a moment of sheer hormonally challenged weakness last Saturday, I overindulged in the brilliant, though dangerous, candy bar at M2’s baby shower. Jar after jar filled with yummy sugary and chocolaty treats that guests could scoop up into paper bags as our take home gift. I just finished off the last few pieces last night. I’m both sad and relieved to see them gone. Sad because they. were. so. tasty. But relieved because the temptation is no longer there. I’m going to try and limit my sugar to that I get from fruit. And my daily cup of coffee. (Note I said limit, not eliminate. Totally covering my rear end on that one in case something irresistible comes along…like the brownies I’m hoping to make this weekend for the two Mothers Day affairs we’ve got going on).

Working out has been a challenge lately as well. I was awesome for about a week and then fell off the wagon. Most mornings go something like this:

Alarm goes off…A rolls over to say good morning…

A: Good morning

C: [mumbles incoherently]

A: Are you going to work out?

C: [groans] yesssss

Five minutes pass…

A: Ok, time to get up!

C: [mumbles incoherently]

A: What?

C: I’ve decided not to work out this morning.

A: Do you want me to encourage you?

C: Not today

It’s no secret that I’m not a morning person. But this week I managed to get in two morning workouts, so at least I’m trying! I’ve switched things up a bit and have been working out to my favourite Kathy Smith DVD, rather than hopping on the elliptical. I imagine if you watched me trying to follow the routines you’d laugh your ass off. Coordination is not my strong suit and I may not get high marks for technicality, but I’m working my heart and that’s what matters!

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Mother’s Day weekend!

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