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Blasts from the Past

April 24, 2011

This weekend has been full of memories from my childhood. In the 80’s. The 90’s had nothing compared to us kids of the 80’s.

On Friday, as I was doing a bit of clearing out of things in the basement, I came across my favourite toy as a kid:


This was my [insert name of video console that we never had and asked for over and over and over but my parents never gave in and in hindsight I’m happy about the fact that our childhood was filled with outdoor activities rather than hours spent inside in front of the TV].

I played Merlin constantly! The copyright date on the back indicates it was developed in 1978. The year of my birth. So folks, we’re looking at a 33 year old toy! Just thinking about playing it made me happy. Would it still work after all this time?

I put in six (six!) AA batteries, turned on the switch and beep beep beep!


There are six games you can play with the ‘computer’, including Tic Tac Toe and an echo memory game, at the difficulty level of your choice. Brilliant, cutting edge stuff. Definitely keeping Merlin to show my future kids. I bet they’ll wonder where the touch screen is…

“Where’s the camera Mom?”

“How do you connect to the internet?”

“What other games can you download?”

That was a lot of fun. But it gets better! When A and I were at my parent’s to help load a few things into the truck, my mom passed along some cookbooks for me to look through to see if there was anything I wanted to keep before she gave them to the Goodwill. Most of them I didn’t think I would use, but then I stumbled upon this gem:

Oh. My. Goodness! This was my favourite cookbook as a kid. The best part? Everything in it can be cooked in the microwave. This was way back in the day when microwaves were first becoming popular. I can remember when we got our first one in the mid 80’s.

Does that date me? Hmm….I also remember when we got our first cell phone, a ginormous Motorola. But that was the early 90’s.

Anyways, there was one recipe in particular that my sister and I made over and over:

Hmm, Can you tell we made these a lot? If you read my post yesterday on baking bread, it’s obvious I’m still a messy cook 🙂

Of course once I saw this, I just knew I had to make them:

How awesome is it that you can make brownies in the microwave? And they are fantastic brownies. A LOVES them and had a couple for dessert after breakfast this morning.

I have a confession.

It’s quite shocking so prepare yourselves.

Here it is.

I don’t like chocolate cake.


Crazy, I know. But I find it too dry!! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat it. It is sugary chocolate after all. ButI prefer my chocolate in a solid, bar format. As for cake, I’m vanilla or lemon, all the way. But I do love brownies and these in particular. Over the years I’ve found myself thinking about these brownies and how gooey and chewy they were, but thought this book was long gone.

I’m not going to make these all the time (sorry babe, but they’re really not good for us), but it’ll be fun to have them as a treat now and then.

And only 6 minutes to bake on high power!

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