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Accidentally Environmental

April 19, 2011

I try to be eco-friendly. I really do. Sometimes convenience wins or the level of grossness is too high (for example, if there’s something particularly gross that needs to be cleaned out of a recyclable container, that sucker is going in the trash) , but on the whole I try to consider my actions and how they will affect the planet.

I was thinking about this on my trek in this morning, because Earth Day is coming up on Friday and it turns out I have been more ‘Green’ than I thought through the years. I had no idea my quirks and lifestyle were good for mother earth:

  • I lived on my own for quite some time which means less home energy use. Single = save the planet? Hmm…pretty sure I wouldn’t willingly go back to that state of things for the sake of the ecosystem 🙂
  • Throughout the whole drinking bottled water craze, I barely drank water except from the Brita filter attached to my tap and usually only a couple of cups a day, so I can proudly say that though I was most likely dehydrated for years, I didn’t contribute to the mass amounts of plastic waste in our landfills!
  • I hate washing dishes by hand. Hate. It. So I only use the dishwasher, which turns out uses less water!
  • I hate sleeping in a warm bedroom and therefore keep the thermostat fairly low in the winter.

Of course there are the ways in which I completely fail in the ‘Green’ department and there are some places I’m just not willing to go…

…Diva cups…

(Google that, if you’re unfamiliar. I can’t talk about it without cringing. But don’t Google if you’re a guy. You just don’t want to know.)

…but I’ve come a long way since back in the day when ‘recycling’ was a bad word to me!

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