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Friday Night Eats

April 16, 2011

After a late night of work on Thursday, I was able to leave early on Friday afternoon! Yahoo!

This means I was home just after 4pm and able to plan a nice dinner for A and I. The weather was cool but sunny, so a BBQ was definitely in order. A’s job would be to BBQ the pork tenderloin we’d planned on having (he is fabulous on the grill), but I needed to come up with something tasty to accompany it. I decided to go with simple comfort foods: Grilled Potato Packets and a Caesar Salad.

Grilled Potato Packets are a favourite in my family. We’ve been making them for years. I’ve experimented with spices in the past, but thought I’d go the traditional route: a sliced potato, topped with sliced onions (put some in between the potato slices, and sprinkle the remainder on top), butter, salt and pepper. Wrap in tin foil and grill for a half hour or so, or until you can poke a fork through the potato. A tasty side for any BBQ! For two servings, I used two small white potatoes and one small onion. I’m a purist, so butter is my thing, not margarine. You can use olive oil, but there’s nothing like melted butter on potato!


For my Casar Salad, I decided to bump things up a notch. Traditionally you use romaine lettuce, but while it’s nutritional value is ok, I wanted a little bit more oomph on the ‘Good For You’ scale. So I decided to go crazy and chop up some kale to toss in. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse and I’ve been trying to incorporate it into our diets more often.

In case you were wondering, the kale is the darker green curly leaves

The result was very tasty, and a whole lot more nutritious than plain old romaine. I’m a devoted user of Renee’s Caesar Dressing and though I love making my own croutons, the store bought ones are just so tasty!

Confession: I have eaten store bought croutons as a snack in the past. Straight out of the bag. I don’t recommend this if a) they are the garlic flavoured kind and b) you’ll be kissing someone soon after snacking. Not the best reaction I’ve ever had…

I topped it with some shaved Parmesan, which is infinitely better than what comes in the shaker.

No dinner is complete without dessert and I thought I’d go for something both healthy and a little sinful. I picked up a pint of strawberries and a box of Bakers 70% dark chocolate to make a fruit fondue! A few years back I bought a crock pot and it came with this brilliant appliance for heating dips:

All you do is add what you want to heat up, plug it in and it will slowly heat the contents. I added the chocolate just before we ate and by the time we were ready for dessert, it was chalk full of melty chocolatey goodness.

Super tasty! Except for the fact that the first couple of bites tasted off. It took me a few more berries before I realized what the problem was. I’d used the same cutting board I’d chopped the onions on to cut the strawberries. Oops! It didn’t stop us from eating it though. When all the berries were gone we channeled our inner Augustus Gloop and polished off the melted chocolate. At least we had the decency to use spoons!

All in all, a great way to start the weekend!

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