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Operation: Move In

April 14, 2011

Operation: Move In has commenced.

A has been gradually bringing his things over to our house (our house. tee hee!) over the past week or so. Although his TV has been at my place for a lot longer….

He had me at ’50 inch plasma’

(I think it’s a plasma….whatever. It’s huge. That’s important to someone like me who has trouble seeing sometimes.)

We’ll need to take some time to amalgamate everything, but so far it’s going quite smoothly (with the exception of a veto on my part concerning his couch. But he took it well, bless him). At least I think so. Other than my Dad, and he doesn’t count (no offense Dad, but you’re not a guy, you’re my Dad), I have never lived with a boy before, so I have no idea really. Here are my observations/experiences thus far:

  • Some boys are messy, but not my boy! Other than the occasional whisker* on the sink, he’s as neat, if not more so, than me. However…
  • We will most likely be hiring a cleaning lady to come in every two weeks. A is allergic to my kitty and when we clean when he’s in the house, the allergies are enhanced. There’s no way I’m doing it all on my own, and so, enter the cleaning lady. Phew. Argument avoided.
  • Our bedroom is now permanently blocked off to my kitty. It was hard, but she and I are both surviving and A is sleeping better as a result. He’s been very sweet about the entire process and luckily the last two nights she hasn’t cried at all!
  • My kitty LOVES A. Traitor. She melts when he pets her. Can’t blame her really….;-)**
  • With the exception of the elephant-esque snores the other night (what was THAT about?), he really doesn’t make that much noise. Thank. God.
  • He likes sleep as much as I do. I’m not sure what I’d do if he was a night owl and up until the wee hours of the morning….scream maybe?  That just would not work for me, especially since…
  • He’s up at 6am! Cheese and toast.  Ergo, I’m up at 6am since I can’t sleep when someone is roaming about. But it’s good for me. Really. I’m eating breakfast at home, rather than on the run, which is infinitely better for my well being. Plus, I’m getting to work on time if not before, since I’m able to get the earlier trains. Go me!
  • We challenge and encourage each other to do things. Like working out and eating well. Unless a certain someone buys cookies. But we encourage each other to eat those too, so really, it’s a positive experience for our relationship…..Yup…..That’s what I’m going with.
  • He’s willing to act as my guinea pig when I make new recipes.
  • I love sharing my life with someone. The everyday, normal, stuff. Having never lived with someone like this before, it’s an amazing feeling

*Which are days apart, since A has a beard. I KNOW!! I never thought I’d fall in love with a man with facial hair! The thought used to turn me off completely, but now I love it.  Just goes to show, no one has a ‘type’, no matter what you may think!

**Sorry Moms! I just couldn’t resist 🙂




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