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Weekend Wind-Up

April 11, 2011

My weekend didn’t start off so well. Friday wasn’t my best day. I had a migraine that no amount of medication could cure, and to top it off I once again tripped and fell, this time onto the corner of my dad’s truck. My thigh (the same one I hit when I fell in the shower) once again has a bruise a few inches in diameter and the best way I can describe it’s appearance is that it strongly resembles a nebula.


However, I woke up Saturday morning feeling refreshed and once we were ready, A, his sister J and I, hit the road to head out to his parents for the weekend. The weather was beautiful! Once we got up there (after two pit stops for me to use the bathroom) and got ourselves settled, A and I went exploring around the area. We headed down towards the lake, then trekked back up through the woods. We were in no danger of getting lost, but at times it was so quiet it’s like we were the only ones for miles! I loved it!

We made it back safe and sound got down to the real business of the weekend: wine! About a month ago, A went in on a wine kit with his dad and sister and this was the weekend where we all went up to help bottle it. The process wasn’t actually as complicated as I thought and happened fairly quickly.

After a month, all ready to go!

The corker


The end results were really tasty. We came home with 24 bottles: 8 red, 8 white and 8 rose.

The remainder of the weekend consisted of food, card games and me being doped out on Gravol after something I ate didn’t agree with me Sunday morning. As always, it went by too quickly, but Easter is in less than two weeks and around here, we get both the Friday and Monday off, giving us a four-day weekend. I’m stoked!

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  1. April 13, 2011 9:49 am

    Glad to see you both. Can’t wait till Easter weekend.

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