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Off the Beeten Path

April 10, 2011

Beaten…beets…beeten…get it?

This post is about beets. I’ve discovered I love beets, which is a good thing because they are really quite good for you. I’ve never cooked with them before and usually just have them pickled from a jar, but a recipe for Spring Clean Raw Beet, Carrot and Apple Salad over at Oh She Glows inspired me to try something different. Click the link to view it. She has some really beautiful photography and outlines the steps really well.

The end result was quite tasty! I would definitely make it again. A liked it as well. He’s a good guinea pig 🙂 By pairing it with perogies (not handmade. I wish! Something to put on my ‘to try’ list), I unwittingly had a very Eastern European themed dinner! I’ve always associated beets with Eastern European food culture, though apparently they originate in the Mediterranean! Who knew?

A few of things to note:

  • The recipe calls for a golden beet, but my store didn’t carry those so I just used another red beet instead
  • It also calls for a clove of garlic in the dressing. Now, I just happened to use a fairly large clove because that’s what I pulled off the bulb, and wow! Garlic city. However, unless you’re planning on waging war against a gang of vampires, I would suggest using as small a clove as you can. It’s quite potent otherwise.
  • Um, beets are pink. Very pink. Stain your hands and everything around you pink. I didn’t plan well, forgot to get some gloves and ended up using a zip-lock bag to cover my hands. It worked fine, but was a bit tricky to grate with. There may or may not have been bits of plastic in my salad.

Super old Ikea cutting board. You might not want to use your best kitchen ware when working with beets!

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  1. April 13, 2011 9:55 am

    Auntie D loved your beet salad.

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