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Weekend Wind-Up

April 4, 2011

This past weekend was equal parts busy and lazy, just the way I like it!

Friday night was date night and A treated me to a fabulous dinner at the Keg.  I was stoked that they had my favourite on the menu: Pecan Sirloin. A sirloin steak topped with toasted pecans, goat cheese and a red wine sauce. It’s amazing!  They’ve changed things up a bit lately and have added roasted beets as their side instead of that gross baked tomato thing. I love beets and luckily they are super good for you!

I had a few spring cleaning chores on my To Do list and tackled the first one on Saturday morning: window cleaning. As evidenced by last weeks incredibly sweet gesture by A, my outside windows were filthy. Were being the operative word. They are now so clean you can’t even tell there’s glass! We’ll see how long that lasts. Hopefully a while.

To Do chore number 2 was to wash my hardwood floors and I did that Sunday. My cleaner of choice is Murphy’s Oil soap, though I know opinions differ on what to use on hardwood. However, I love the polish and shine the Murphy’s leaves behind, as well as the smell.

I wish I could tell you that I cooked up something fun, but the truth is that we didn’t eat at home the entire weekend! Friday was the Keg, Saturday we had burgers at my parents and last night we had pizza at my sisters. Luckily I’ve been keeping up with my work outs and A and I had a lovely walk on Saturday around my parents’ ‘hood when we were there.

I’ve also been drinking my lemon water in the morning like a good girl, and I think I’m getting used to it. My grimace didn’t feel as pronounced this morning as it has been. 🙂

P.S. CJ loves my new bag!! She takes after her Aunt C in the love of bags department.

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