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Sweet Valley Joy

March 31, 2011

Um, is anyone else totally psyched about the release of Sweet Valley Confidential10 Years Later by Francine Pascal????

I just bought it online and can’t wait for it to arrive! The premise is that you get a glimpse into the lives of Elizabeth and Jessica and all their people (Todd!!! Enid! Bruce! Lila!!), who are now 27. Fabulous!

In honour of this revisit to my younger self, here is a list of ways that the Wakefield’s had an effect on me:

1. I have never been on nor do I plan to be on a motorcycle. In book #2, Elizabeth and her BF Todd were in an accident and she was in a COMA!!! She could have DIED!!!

2. Similar to that, I will never drink and drive nor get into a car with someone who’s been drinking. Jessica’s beau was killed in a drunk driving accident. A lesson to us all.

3. Elizabeth was somewhat of a geek, but had a hot boyfriend, which gave ME, as somewhat of a geek myself, hope.

4. Instead of a weekly treat from the store when my mom went grocery shopping, I got a weekly Sweet Valley High book, so in a way, it saved me some extra calories (which I managed to consume anyways in the form of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Ice cream remains, to this day, my weakness).

5. I made sure to get my drivers license as soon as I turned 16 (never mind that I failed twice. I was 16 when I got it) so I could be cool like them. They made driving cool! Sadly, no Fiat for me, but a 1984 Mercury Topaz ran a close second!

6. Was there ever a better moment in the whole world when Elizabeth and Todd got back together in Brokenhearted? I think this was the beginning of my idealistic views of romance. Sigh.

I was such an avid fan that I even had the board game! I wish I’d kept that….

….along with my Babysitter’s Club game…

….OH and my Cabbage Patch Kid game.

The memories! I shared so much with those girls. I’m tempted to go back now and read them from the beginning! I wish I still had them….oh wait!!


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