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Weekend Wind-Up

March 28, 2011

I had a great weekend! There was lots to do and I accomplished almost all of what I wanted done. Here’s the best of the past couple of days.

Best Health

I don’t know if it’s the ginseng, the probiotics or the antibiotics, but I woke up Saturday morning feeling amazing! I was so chipper I started to annoy A (haha!).

Best Spring Clean

My closets (I have several, seeing as I have a three bedrooms) have been needing a serious makeover and I finally got around to that yesterday. I tossed a bunch of stuff, set aside a whole garbage bag of clothes for the Goodwill and organized, making room for some of A’s things.

Best New Word

Saturday afternoon, A and I headed over to my sister’s to pick up CJ for a few hours. Since we were heading to the mall with her, we needed to bring the stroller. I’m useless when it comes to setting it up it (seriously, I have no idea why I can’t manage it!). I suggested to my brother-in-law that he show A how to use it, since he’s more mechanically inclined than I am. My BIL’s response? “Ah A! Looks like you’ve just been volun-told!”

Best New Skill

I drove standard!! Well, sort of. A’s car is standard and he’s suggested several times over the past 2.5 months that I should learn. When he’s suggested it as an activity in the past, I would say ‘not today’, but on Saturday I agreed! I found myself in an empty school parking lot learning the basics: Turn the car on…check! Put the car into first gear….check! Lay off the clutch and move forward without stalling….uh, failed the first time, but the second time I managed it! Check! I didn’t go very far, and the whole pressing the clutch thing gets me (I’m not the most coordinated when it comes to such things), but with practice I’ll at least be able to move his car in and out of the driveway if necessary.

Best Game

A few weeks ago, A introduced me to Civilizations IV on the PC. The premise of the game is to build your own civilization over the course of several thousand years. You develop your world from early stone age practices all the way up to the space age. To win, you can do several things including conquering other civilizations. Being the pacifist that I am, I chose to win by being the first to complete a spaceship. Last week I started playing Civilizations: Colonization, which has the same premise, but instead you’re building a colony in the New World and your goal is to become independent from your home country in Europe. I. Love. It! I don’t think I’ll win this time around, because I didn’t discover the way to win until too late in the game (serves me right for not reading the instructions completely), but next time I’m going to kick some Royal ass!

Best Moment. Period.

We BBQ’d Saturday night and I looked up from chopping my green beans to find A writing this message for me on the window:

Ignoring the fact that my windows are FILTHY (note to self: add clean windows to To Do list for this weekend), how lucky am I to have the best boyfriend ever?


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