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El Sickos

March 23, 2011

So A and I both have the Strep. We just had a romantic date at the walk-in clinic and both came out with antibiotics.

I actually don’t feel that horrible. More tired than anything. I’m crossing my fingers we got it in time and the drugs will work quickly.


This is the FOURTH time this year I’ve been sick!! Something must be done. I picked up a book today on adjusting the PH balance in my body. The foods we eat either have an acidizing or alkalizing affect on our bodies. An acidic body invites bad bacteria, infections and viruses in and an alkaline body throws them out.

I’m going to read up on it and let you know what I find out. I read a lot of blogs where this is a prevalent topic, so it’s nothing new and I’ll have lots of resources if I choose to pursue this.

I’m off now to have some pizza and ice cream….What? You don’t eat pizza and ice cream when you’re sick?? You’re missing out!

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