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Hello Old Friend

March 21, 2011

Note: I’m not doing a weekend wind-up this week, due to the fact that I worked on Saturday and didn’t really have much of a weekend, though  A and I had a lovely Sunday together running errands, doing chores and enjoying our time.

This morning I met up with an old friend:

That’s right folks, I got up and worked out, just like I pledged to! Go me!

At 6:15 I hauled myself out of bed (not an easy feat), pulled on my workout clothes and headed downstairs to the elliptical trainer. I programmed a 20 minute workout, turned my ipod on shuffle and bopped out to Bif Naked, Timberland (with Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado), and Cypress Hill (I have varying tastes in music). I’m not an excessive worker-outer. Hour long workouts just aren’t for me. 30 minutes is usually my max, and I need to work my way back up to that after such a long hiatus.

After a long, hot shower to ease some lingering aches from the weekend (my work on Saturday strained some muscles), I made breakfast using the nut butter I made yesterday. I smeared it on a toasted multi-grain bagel and it was so delicious, I was tempted to make another. But I managed to restrain myself. Partly because I had to leave to catch the train. That saved me from over-eating 🙂

And there ends workout day 1. I’m aiming to do it three mornings a week. Wish me luck!

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