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A Nutty Experiment

March 20, 2011

I worked for 12 hours yesterday. 12 hours! On a Saturday! Luckily I will be able to take some time off later this week to make up for the overtime, but as a result, I’m exhausted today. Which means my ambitious goals to get some major organizing done have been thrown out the window. I’ll be lucky to get all our laundry done today!

But there has been time for a little cooking. I’ve been wanting to improve my breakfasts, since my normal routine of a toasted bagel with cheese is getting old. After reading Oh She Glows the other day, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! She posted a recipe for Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter with Hemp, Flax and Chia Seeds. You’ll find the recipe here. I already had almonds (thank you Costco) and picked up the seeds needed from the Bulk Barn when A and I went grocery shopping earlier (tired or not, there’s always time for food).

I’ve always wanted to try making my own nut butter, and this seemed like the perfect recipe to start trying! Here’s how it went down.

First, I mixed the almonds, hemp seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds:

Then I added the maple syrup:

I spread the mixture onto a baking pan and put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees F. While they roasted, I had lunch, which A very kindly made for me:

Made with the fresh loaf of bread we picked up from the market, in his words “Every single thing that went into this sandwich was critical to it’s success”. He’s serious about his sandwiches 🙂

Once the 30 minutes were up, I took the baking pan out of the oven and let the mixture cool for a few minutes before putting in my food processor:

10 minutes in the food processor and voila! I was a little concerned after the first few minutes, as my mixture was still quite powdery. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but as I kept processing the mixture got creamier. I added cinnamon, kosher salt and maple extract (the recipe called for vanilla extract, but I was out and considering one of the ingredients is maple syrup, I thought it was a fair substitute):

I can’t wait to have breakfast tomorrow! I asked Angela of Oh She Glows how long it would keep and she said about a month and probably longer if refrigerated. Fabulous!


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