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Blogger’s Block

March 16, 2011

I have blogger’s block today.

I have numerous thoughts but can’t quite bring myself to write a full paragraph about them. They are:

  • It’s above zero Celsius in Toronto today! Six degrees! Might it be time to put away my Canada Goose jacket?
  • Emotional meltdowns in front of your boyfriend: Good or bad? Luckily he handled it (and me) like a champ! (Note to A: my hero)
  • I am feeling awful for the people of Japan. And now Quebec just had an earthquake?? Were the Maya right?
  • I really need to work out. Especially after my beige lunch of fish and chips. Tasty? Yes. Nutritious? No.
  • I’m addicted to Twitter. I keep looking up people to follow. And how much do I love it when people I follow, follow me back? Especially famous people! Meg Cabot!
  • Maybe now that the weather is getting nice, I can get out and practice what I’ve learned in my photography class!

Here’s hoping tomorrow will bring a little more oomph šŸ™‚



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