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Weekend Wind-Up

March 14, 2011

It’s Monday folks. And not just any ol’ Monday, it’s the Monday after the clocks flew forward an hour, meaning that when our alarm went off this morning at 6am, it was really 5am according to my sad, tired body.


I had intended to work out as part of my commitment to getting healthy (which I just realized I’ve yet to complete the post I was composing on this…TBC), but the tiredness was just too much. That and when we pressed snooze it didn’t work for some reason and we ended up getting up too late to exercise. Too bad, so sad 😉

The only good thing I can glean about the time change is that it will no longer be dark when I get home from work at 6:30 and I can’t tell you how that boosts my mood! Summer is just around the corner!

I had a great weekend and here are the highlights:


A and I celebrated two months together on Friday. Yes, I know. We’re disgustingly cute….I love it!

We went to an Asian restaurant near my house. It has a variety of Asian foods: Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese. We shared the dim sum platter, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it (BBQ pork buns…yum!), it wasn’t exactly a stellar culinary experience for A. Not his cup of tea, but I appreciate him trying for me!

After dinner we went glow-in-the-dark mini-putting and I admit I had my butt-kicked. The first 9 we were on par with each other, but after that things went a bit downhill for me. I blame my purse. I should have left it in the car but didn’t think of it and gave up handing it to A to hold after the first 10 holes. That’s right, ya, it was my purse, see. It caused me to go six over par. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


A and I headed up to visit his parents for the weekend and we played a lot of games, which was awesome. Even more awesome is the fact that I am not the bad loser I used to be, since I did horribly on most of the games we played. I no longer toss boards and their pieces up in exasperation nor throw instruction manuals across the room (I hate playing Risk). Wouldn’t THAT make a great impression? 🙂

We played Wizard, Careers and In and Out. In and Out was a new one for me. You start with a score of 21 and depending on the cards you’re dealt, along with the trump card turned up by the dealer, you need to determine if you will play (in) or not (out). Your goal is to score tricks by having either the highest card of the suit played in each round, or a trump card. If you play, you need to get a trick to decrease your score (your goal is to reach zero) or else your score increases by 5. Uh huh. At one point I hit 40 points, but towards the end I managed to redeem myself and though I didn’t win, vengeance was mine as I uprooted the favourites to win: A and his brother-in-law, R. I took four of the five tricks and bumped their single-digit scores up over 10!!



The men-folk wanted to go see Battle Los Angeles on Saturday. I’m always up for alien-invasion flicks, so a couple of us gals tagged along. It was solidly entertaining and I enjoyed it. There are some elements that seem standard in alien-invasion movies these days:

  1. The aliens all seem to look alike lately. The aliens in Battle LA strongly resembled those in Independence Day and Signs (they made that creepy noise! Aaah!).
  2. The capture and torture of the alien to determine what kills it
  3. Someone gets alien guts spewed all over their face
  4. The sufficiently cheesy motivational speech by the hero to increase the troops morale
  5. The USA discovers the way to bring them down

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather is supposed to warm up this week. There is light people. There is light!

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