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Love List

March 10, 2011

It’s been awhile since my last Love List! Here we go!

Ten Things I Love:

1. The idea of challenging myself. It’s a great motivator, even if I don’t end up doing the challenge.

2. Planning. I love making plans for what’s to come!

3. That being said, I also love spontaneity. Doing something unexpected brings a sense of randomness to life.

4. Flowers. Lillies are my favourite and I can’t wait to see the buds in my garden waiting to shoot up!

5. The smell of spring, in all it’s muddy glory. Right about now, after a few days of really nasty wet snowy/rainy weather, I’ll take spring any way I can!

6. Taking breaks. I lived for taking breaks when I was in school and they’re equally important at work. Get up, walk to the kitchen for some water. Say hello to a co-worker. You’ll find yourself able to concentrate much better if you take breaks.

7. Buying new things. Even small things.

8. Bargains. I bought a new shower curtain the other day. It was $20 with tax after a 40% discount taken off an already discounted price! Boo ya!

9. Attempting to bring back old school expressions: Boo ya; What’s your damage?; Coolio; Take a chill pill; Groovy. You get the idea!

10. Coming up with love lists!

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