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What a Wonky Week

March 4, 2011

This has not been the best week. Health wise I mean. Everything else is peachy, but all of a sudden on Tuesday night I started feeling quite wonky. The wonkiness continued into Wednesday and hit me full force Thursday morning in the form of another head cold. I have a feeling my cold from a few weeks ago never really left and has unfortunately resurfaced. Bleh.

To make my life more interesting, when I was taking a shower yesterday afternoon, my foot slipped and I took a nasty tumble in the bathtub. The towel rack almost didn’t make it.

So now I’m dealing with some overall body aches, some nasty bruises are developing on my arm and thigh, and I pulled something in my neck and I’m dealing with a very achy head. And all of this on top of my cold.

Woe is me.

I’ve spent the last couple of days napping, catching up on TV shows and getting as many hugs as I can from A. Hugs make me feel better :-).

Before the shower incident yesterday, I did manage to do a little reading. I requested A Murderous Procession by Ariana Franklin (the fourth in the Mistress of the Art of Death Series) from the library and have started in on it. Plus, while I was there I picked up The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond, based on recipes from the website I recommended the other day. They’re full of life and flavour, though I could use a few more vegetables. However, she did write that the recipes are meant for life on a ranch, and there’s nothing a cowboy likes more than meat and potatoes! They essentially follow my own food philosophy though, which is to use real ingredients. Nothing low fat for me! I just portion control and try not to eat excessively.

I hope everyone had  fabulous weekend! I’m off to do some research on boosting my immune system.

Or maybe I’ll take a nap.

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  1. March 5, 2011 10:28 am

    Hope you feel better! We’ll do lunch next week if you are back on your feet 🙂

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