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Lazy Days

February 27, 2011

It’s been a lazy Sunday. Sort of.

After a busy Saturday out and about, A and I decided to stay in today and chillax. Of course, that’s never as easy as it sounds, especially when there’s laundry and cleaning to be done! But we’re managing to get in some quality couch time in between chores and a visit from CJ and my sister. I’m happy to say that CJ and my kitty are getting along a little better. Not that they’re weren’t, but my kitty didn’t have much patience for CJ’s ‘run at her at full toddler speed’ attitude and would hightail it upstairs for the entirety of her visit. Today though, kitty let CJ get up close without bolting! Baby steps.

A and I are both endeavoring to eat healthier over the next few weeks, so we’ve been doing some cooking in preparation for the week. Last night I made a giant Quinoa Greek Salad from Rose Reisman’s cookbook the Art of Living Well (I forgot the cucumber! Oh well).

We had it with supper (shake n’ bake chicken and steamed broccoli) but it’ll give me at least a couple of lunches as well! I made some really healthy and amazingly tasty muffins  (recipe from Homemaker’s Magazine Online) to eat for breakfast, chalk full of fibre and healthy omega’s, and as I type A is making some pasta to mix up with some tomato sauce and leftover chicken to take for his lunches this week. Look at us go!

One of the things I’ve been noticing about being in a healthy and happy relationship is that since I’m not nervous, I’m not losing weight like I usually do. Rather, a couple of pounds have been added since we’ve been seeing each other! Have to nip that in the bud before it becomes an issue. I read somewhere that new couples are likely to gain weight, especially women, because they’re sharing meals with their men who eat more than they do. Women tend to match the amount their men eat without even noticing and I’ve definitely been doing that!

Tonight is the Oscars and I’m making us lasagna and caesar salad. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to cook for someone! I’ve always loved cooking, but doing it for one isn’t nearly as satisfying.

I’d normally be sharing Oscar night with B, our tradition for the past few years, but she and her little guy have been sick for the past week and we thought it would be best to hold off on getting together this year. I do not need to get sick again and they need to get their rest. So instead A will ‘watch’ them with me :-). He’s a trooper!

Overall I’ve been super busy over the past week with work and evening engagements. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the pace of my posts this week!

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