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Time: Part Deux

February 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I wrote about time. I basically said that there are no time lines in relationships. No ‘shoulds’. I’ve been thinking about the concept of time again over the past week as things progress with A.

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t a preface to some grand announcement. Unless you count my changing my Facebook status to “In A Relationship” as grand! Which I do 🙂

No, the time thing has come about as A and I plan for the coming months and I can’t help but wonder how others will perceive our choices and decisions. Ultimately it comes down to what we want, but I’m sure we’ll be met with advice and opinions along the way about how we choose to move forward:

Maybe you should slow down”.

“Isn’t it too soon to be thinking that?”

“Don’t rush things!”

I know that our friends and family have our best interests at heart, and that is so special to me. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of years learning about the ins and outs of relationships. I’ve blogged about it.  I’ve spent hours upon hours lying awake at night thinking about it. I’ve had more advice given to me than I know what to do with and I’m so lucky to have such an amazing support system.

I’m also very lucky that I’ve found myself a boyfriend who likes to talk as much as I do (thank the Gods) and as a result, I haven’t felt the need to look up or ask for relationship advice lately. We’re very good about flushing things out and communicating and when it comes down to it, in a relationship, it’s about you and your partner and doing what’s right for the both of you.

So in the future, if it seems like we’re moving fast,  rest assured that any decisions made  in our relationship will not be hasty or rash. Believe me when I tell you that it will have been well thought out and discussed and we’ll both be happy with the outcome! After the disaster that was S two years ago, where looking back I realize that something just wasn’t clicking, I’m not going to do anything I’m not ready for.

A said it best the other day. I was remarking on how cuddly we are with each other in front of other people. Not disgustingly public with our affection (no making out in front of others, ew), but we like to hold hands and sit close and just be near each other. His response? “We deserve it”.

We’ve waited a long time to be happy and to have found that with each other, well. I don’t want to waste a minute of it!

Damn right we deserve it baby!

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