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Weekend Wind-Up

February 22, 2011

Long weekends rock my world. Seriously. I wish every week had a three day weekend. Think about how less stressed the world would be with one less work day!

On Saturday A and I hit the road bright and early, heading east to visit his parents, a three hour drive. We had a pit stop at The Big Apple in Colborne (I insisted on taking our pictures in front of it, despite it being super cold out), but made good time and arrived around noon.

Was I nervous? A little bit, but mostly I was excited to meet the people who are so important to him. They (and his sister and her family who I met on Sunday but I’ll get to that in a bit) were so welcoming, I instantly felt at home. I was reminded a lot of my own family and that was comforting.

His parents live in a stunning log home on a large chunk of land, and after eating lunch together, A and I headed out to walk the property.

The temperature was frigid, but we were largely protected by the trees bordering the property. Walking was a little tricky. With unusually warm temperatures most of last week, there had been quite the thaw.

When the cold air moved in again, everything that had melted froze, which made for some slippery walking at times. Ever the gentleman, A went first over some of the trickier areas, but literally landed on his behind when his foot slipped and he fell to the ground. I managed to squeak out an “ARE YOU OK?” before I doubled over laughing. Funniest. Thing. Ever. (Sorry babe, but you know it’s true!!)

After our walk we headed back inside to have some hot chocolate, sat down with the ‘rents and played games for the rest of the afternoon and evening! That’s my kind of day 🙂

Sunday morning arrived and I surprisingly had a good sleep! I don’t always sleep well in new places, but I think the constant hum of the humidifier helped drown out the usual house settling sounds. I came out of the shower to find that A’s sister and her family had arrived, and again, I felt instantly comfortable.

We enjoyed a fabulous day of playing games and eating, and finally at five A and I packed ourselves up and headed home. It was a really great first visit and I look forward to seeing them again soon!

Monday arrived and we had ambitious plans to work out, but those were downgraded to going for a walk by mid-morning. The walk was then downgraded to a marathon of watching Battlestar Galactica (Love it! Totally addicted) for the rest of the day when we realized how cold it was outside. It was a lovely lazy day. We ended it with dinner at my parents with my sister, her hubby and CJ, who was in fine form! She ran to me for a hug when she saw who had arrived. Melt.

Overall, another super busy but fabulous weekend!

Life is good.


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