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My Valentine

February 15, 2011

I had the best Valentine’s Day ever! I don’t want to share every single detail (some things are special only to A and I). Lets just say it lived up to every expectation I had. Of course, it helped that my valentine is absolutely perfect for me 🙂 But I do want to tell you about the MOST AMAZING DINNER I’VE EVER HAD, since it’s going to be really hard to find a meal to top the one I enjoyed last night.

A surprised me with reservations at The Port in Pickering, one of my favourite restaurants in the area. Out in the ‘burbs, you don’t find a lot of unique places to eat, with mostly chain franchises to choose from. It’s located down on the lake and is a really beautiful building. We arrived at 8:30 and funnily enough, bumped into M1 and her hubby who were there to eat as well (hope you guys enjoyed your meal as much as I did!). It was a bit crowded when we were seated, but the nice thing about having a late dinner was that most people were finishing up by the time we sat down and it emptied out as time went on.

We each got a glass of wine and chose to share an appetizer of grilled calamari with a spicy chili marinade and a romesco sauce (tomato based) to dip it it. Yum! And then our mains came. A chose a sirloin steak with a twice baked potato. According to him, the steak wasn’t the best he’d ever had, but it was good. My meal however, was FABULOUS. From my first bite, I was hooked. This is the description from their online menu:

Free Run Ontario Chicken – oven roasted breast topped with wine poached pear, red onion marmalade and melted brie, served with fresh seasoned vegetables and red skin smashed potato, finished with sage aioli and red wine syrup.

The dish I was actually served had a butternut squash puree added on the side, the vegetable was grilled asparagus and the potato was cheddar mashed. All together it was amazing. A. MAZE. ING.  Every bite I took was full of flavour. I cleaned the plate, and if I could have without being un-ladylike, I totally would have licked it. That was how much I enjoyed my meal. I didn’t want it to end!

Dessert was equally as good. We shared a slice of pumpkin cheese cake and it was very, very good. Not too heavy, full of flavour and a good sharing size. Perfect!

I left the restaurant feeling incredibly satisfied and happy. Forget men. The way to C’s heart is through her stomach!

Thanks babe for such an amazing night!

My hero 😉


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