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Weekend Wind-Up – V-Day Edition

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For once in my life, those words don’t make me cringe. Because I have in my life now a super amazing guy and we’ll be sharing this Valentine’s Day together. It’s just another day, yes, but I have never in my life had a date for Valentine’s Day, so we’re doing this night right. I know nothing of our plans other than that our dinner reservations (no clue where) are for 8:30, giving me ample time to primp and prepare to look stunning. Well, as stunning as I can after a week sick with a cold. I have a feeling though, that he won’t notice the dryness of my nose or the paleness of my skin or the fact that I’m wearing an old dress because I couldn’t get out to shop for a new one, seeing as I was stuck at home resting. In his eyes, I’m beautiful no matter what and that’s the best gift of all.


A few highlights from the weekend:


On Friday night we watched The Last Airbender, which was pretty cool, and then Saturday we watched The Hulk. I should clarify that we watched the version with Eric Bana, which A prefers over the one with Edward Norton. I hadn’t seen the Bana version and really liked the story of how the Hulk became the lovable green monster that he is.

Meet the Sister (His)

Last weekend A met my sister, so this weekend we arranged for me to meet his youngest sister. I wasn’t nervous at all, which I can attribute either to the ease and confidence that A and I share together or a to a slightly stoned edge from the combo of cold and pain meds (cramps hit me Saturday morning). Either way, I was all good. Her first impression of me was one of hacking up a lung as I entered her home, which I regret but couldn’t help. However, I think I redeemed myself and we had a great visit. She’s super nice and highlighted some typical Big Brother antics A got into when they were growing up, which I thought were hilarious! I also met his cousin, cousin-in-law and their little boy. So far, his peeps are awesome!

Meet the Parents (Mine)

Yesterday I called up my parents and after a brief discussion with A, invited us over to dinner. A spontaneous, low-key Sunday dinner was the perfect intro, giving neither of us time to get stressed over it. Not that I would, I knew my parents would like him and vice versa, but parents are a whole other kettle of fish than siblings. Luckily my parents rock! A saw that immediately and was at ease very quickly.

So my family is all done. Next up: his parents, his other sister (she’s the middle sibling) and her family. We’re taking a road trip a few hours east of here this weekend to visit them. I’m quite excited!

One Hundred Million Dollars

Well, not quite. But Walmart got a big chunk of my bank account over the weekend. Why is it that everything seems to run out at the same time? Shampoo, condition, dental floss, cat litter, dishwasher detergent etc. A hundred bucks later and all I have to show for it is clean toilets. Yahoo.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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