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Pizza Soulmates

February 2, 2011

A and I are Pizza Soulmates (it’s a serious distinction, requiring capitalization).

I read about the concept of Pizza Soulmates on 1000 Awesome Things and thought it was brilliant. It’s definitely one of those tricky conversations, especially when you’re ordering with someone new. It’s not as significant finding toppings you both like, at least not to me. No, to me, it’s identifying the toppings you both don’t like that’s the important thing. And there, A and I are on the same page. Our conversation went something like this a week or so back**:

A: Are we ordering pizza tonight?

C: Absolutely! I love pizza.

A: Great. What places do you like?

C: Ummm, Pizza Pizza or Pizza Hut are my faves.

A: Pizza Pizza it is.

C: What do you like on your pizza?

A: I’m pretty easy.

C: I’m not a fan of olives.

A: Me either. There is one thing I absolutely hate. It might be a dealbreaker.

C: Ok…..

A: Pineapple.

C: {hit his arm} GET OUT!! I hate pineapple too. It’s wrong. Fruit on pizza is wrong.

A: It is!!

C: We’re Pizza Soulmates.

**This is not verbatim. I’ve taken some artistic liberties šŸ™‚

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