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Weekend Wind-Up

February 1, 2011


Sorry for the delay in posting my weekend exploits. Today was super busy and I just got home at 8:30! We have a major project going on at work this week and it took all of my focus today.

I had an awesome weekend! It was spent almost entirely with A. We have such a good time together! We’re both fairly low-key people and we enjoy the same activities, which is always helpful when developing a relationship. It just would not work if he was a ‘go out to the bar’ every night kind of guy.

Friday night I made us dinner. I had a theme in mind: pub foods. I had some chicken wings in the freezer, so I cooked them up (they were ok. I was a little disappointed with them). I made home made sweet potato fries which were yummy, and then some baby carrots with ranch dip. After that we settled in to watch some TV and just relaxed.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast, then headed out to run some errands. Someone had told A about this store up in Raglan (North of Oshawa) called White Feather Country Store, so we decided to check that out. It. Was. Awesome!! All kinds of frozen foods, including prepared meats, veggies, fruits and desserts, PLUS a bakery that had fresh baked bread and bagels. And a lot of it was from local farms, something that both A and I are interested in. Score! We picked up our lunch and supper there. Yum!

That night we decided to have some wine and get a little drunk together, and usually I get super peppy when I drink, but sadly for me that night I crashed big time. I could barely keep my eyes open! So it was early to bed. Ah well. That’s what happens in your thirty’s I guess 🙂

I had originally hoped to go skiing on Sunday, but as part of our Saturday together we worked out, and both of us were a little stiff from that (side note: can I tell you how awesome it is to have a workout buddy??). So we decided to take a walk in a conservation area not far from where I live. It was so nice out! It was cold, but being in the forest blocked a lot of the wind. Here’s one of the pics I took:

I love black and white shots!

We went back home after a lovely walk, had some hot chocolate and then A left 😦

**And I just realized that the rest of my post didn’t save! Argh!**

After A went home, I headed to my parents for dinner with my sister and her fam. We almost have CJ saying “Auntie”. My full name is a bit much for her at the moment 🙂

And that’s all folks!! Hope everyone in Ontario travels safe during the upcoming storm!


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