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Jibberish defined

January 20, 2011




All words that previously made absolutely no sense to me, but after my first photography class last night, I see them in a whole new light (Haha, get it?? They all relate to light. Oh C. You’re too funny).

It was incredibly weird for M1 and I walking into our high school, and even weirder ending up in the same classroom where we had Grade 12 English together. Talk about deja vu.

Contrary to our knitting class, which seemed more like an afternoon social gathering, this class has structure. It had content. It had a teacher who taught! I really think we’re going to get a lot out of it and as soon as I take some pictures of something other than the ceiling of the classroom (which had painted hand prints all over it…why??),  I’ll post my favourite shots.

I’m already researching how much SLR’s cost (I’m borrowing my dad’s for the class)….not a cheap hobby!

It’s been a crazy, busy week and that continues well into this weekend! Tonight I’m heading up to my sister’s to hang with the gals. Tomorrow night, I have a hot date. I have a cute guy coming over and I’m going to cook him dinner 😉

Can’t wait!


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