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Date #4

January 19, 2011

A and I had a good date last night. After a stressful commute home (the trains were packed and delayed because of the memorial service for the officer who was killed last week here in Toronto), he picked me up and we headed off to the movies. We made it to the 7pm showing of the Green Hornet. What a fun movie! And may I say that Seth Rogan is looking quite svelte. I found myself very much appreciating his efforts to get in shape for this role (A didn’t mind…we’ve already had The List conversation…you know, celebrities you’re allowed to hook up with).

After the movie we picked up a sub to share and went back to my place to eat. We watched a little TV and then he left at 10pm. I’m lucky that we have similar bedtime schedules. I’ve dated guys in the past who are night owls! Late nights on a week night just do not work for me.

Before he left, we made plans for our next date, which will be on Friday. We’re going to stay in for dinner and a movie (I’ll make dinner…I’m thinking Honey Lemon Chicken). I love how easy things are with him right now. We’re very comfortable with each other.

There’s that word again. Comfortable. A while back I thought it wasn’t such a good thing. But it seems to suit me just fine for the moment, so I’m not going to analyze it to death.

In other news, tonight M1 and I have our first photography class! I’m really excited and can’t wait to learn all the functions on my camera (well, technically it’s my dad’s camera, but I’m borrowing it for the class).

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