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Of Course

January 18, 2011

Last night, A got a new cell phone. He wants to be able to communicate with me more throughout the day and thought he should get one. So this morning, I spent my time on the train customizing my text tones so I’d know it’s him texting**. I used the same tone I’d assigned A2, setting his number back to the default tone.

Well it must have been put out into the universe or something that I’d downgraded him, because while I was out and about at lunch, I had a text. From A2. Of Course. Why wouldn’t he, just as I’m getting involved with someone else? That seems to be the way my life works.

I didn’t text back right away, but the conversation (if you can call it that) went something like this:

A2 – Hi

Me – Hey

A2 – How goes it

Me – Good you?

A2 – Good thanks

Me – That’s good

A2 – Anything new?

Me – Yup I just started seeing someone

A2 – Cool

Me – I think so 🙂

End Scene.

The really awesome thing is that despite not having heard from him in two weeks, I didn’t care that he hadn’t been in touch and when I saw it was him texting, I didn’t get the goofy feelings I get when I hear from A. I know that A2 wasn’t the right guy for me. I enjoyed the time we spent together (totally got me through the ‘single during the holidays’ blues) and think he’s a good guy, but just not the guy for me. Back when we first started seeing each other again, I told him out right that if I started seeing someone I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore.

I can’t tell you how amazing it is for me to finally be in a place where I’m the one who’s deciding someone isn’t right for me and that it doesn’t stress me out. In the past, I would have hung on until the guy ended things, thinking I could handle whatever it was that bothered me about him. But sometime after all the craziness with N, I realized that I can’t be like that anymore. Strangely enough, A2 empowered me in a way I’ve never been and that’s given me a huge surge of confidence.

I feel like I’m finally the dater I’ve always wanted to be, and A seems to be happily along for the ride. This morning the distinctive tone I’ve assigned his number rang and I opened the text to read “Good morning sunshine”.  Goofy feelings ensued. We’re going to the movies tonight and I’m excited to see him!  He picked the movie (points for remembering one I said I wanted to see) and the time and is picking me up. Of course.

**This is a valuable practice I learned over the holidays. I assigned a specific text tone to A2, so that each time I received a text I’d know if it was from him. Let me tell you, it took a whole lot of stress out of texting! I wasn’t wondering if it was him each time my phone chirped. I highly recommend it.

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