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Love List

January 14, 2011

Since I’m feeling particularly happy at the moment, today is the perfect day for another Ten Things I Love list:

1. I was listening to my ipod this morning and Ash Koley’s “Don’t Let Your Feet Touch Ground” came on, reminding me how much I love flash mobs. It’s my dream to be a part of one some day:

2. Diagonal cross walks. There a few in the city now and they totally make me feel like a bad ass.

3. The skyline of Toronto, especially on a sunny day like today. Coming in on the train in the mornings, just after the Danforth station stop, you come around a bend and POP! There’s the city. Love it.

4. Walking with music playing loud enough that it blocks out all other noise. It’s like your own personal movie score.

5. Adorable You Tube videos. I can’t get enough of them! Especially kittens, but you should definitely watch this one featuring a segment from the Rick Mercer Report. Go Bears.

6. Yesterday morning, when I left home, to the East it was blue skies and sunshine. To the West, there were dark purple snow clouds. Driving West, the effect of the early morning sun beaming off of the buildings and houses against the dark background to the East was stunning. It was like the world was golden. Someday I want to try and capture it on camera.

7. Really bad puns. Here’s an example from Shrek Forever After that left me howling:

Donkey (to Puss in Boots) – Man, you are a cat-tastrophe.

Puss in Boots (to Donkey) – And you, are ri-donk-ulous.

8. Awards shows. The Golden Globes are this Sunday (which B and I totally forgot about and therefore didn’t plan our usual gal’s night to chat, eat and critique what everyone is wearing . We are booked for the Oscars though!). I love seeing all my favourite stars all glammed up and together in one room. I wonder if Brad will be there…

9. Talking about celebrities as if I know them (see no.8). I think Brad will be there, since Ange is nominated.

10. Waking up in the morning, looking forward to the day. Love.

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