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Will you accept this rose?

January 10, 2011

I’m sitting here, watching the Bachelor, and am thankful that my dating actions are not available for public viewing. Well, at least not on TV 🙂

I understand that this is, at it’s heart, a TV show and these women are coached to act the way they do and say the things they say. I know that. But it’s still absolutely mortifying, especially after they’ve had a few drinks. I cannot believe that he’ll actually choose one of them! Hopefully it’s just the craziness of the early days and things will improve once the women are weeded out week after week.

Just after 8pm tonight, I had a phone call. From a boy! The boy (man) I’m meeting tomorrow, A2!** He said he would call, and call he did. We had a quick conversation, where I learned it’s his birthday today (a Capricorn, like me!), and we finalized our plans to meet up. When I asked for his cell number, he told me he didn’t have one! How weird is that? But I actually find it refreshing. I’m not going to be waiting for a text (if things go well that is), rather he’ll have to call or email, which I definitely prefer. I don’t have to go through the motions of trying to get the guy to NOT text. It’s built in, at least for now. Pop-pop, fizz-fizz, oh what a relieeeeef, it is!

Could this be the beginning of some old-school style wooing? We’ll see!

**I may have to come up with a different system for respecting anonymity! I’m starting to date too many guys whose names start with the same letter! I suppose if things work out I can bump A2 up to first place

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