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Weekend Wind-Up

January 9, 2011

Due to the previously mentioned bug that made itself at home in my body last week, this weekend was quite laid back. The level of cleaning required was minimal, partly due to the fact that I barely cooked over the past 5 days. A little swiffering and light dusting and I was done! So I spent most of the weekend just relaxing, watching movies and TV. And napping. Today was the first day since Wednesday I made it through without a nap. Though I wanted to, it would have kept me awake tonight for sure.

We did manage to make it out last night for my birthday dinner at the Keg! My appetite wasn’t quite up to it’s normal standards, but I really enjoyed my meal. For an appetizer, I got the Spinach Salad: baby spinach, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, red onions and pecans in a champagne vinaigrette. Very tasty, but I couldn’t eat it all. My normal appy at the Keg is the Crab and Spinach dip, but I thought that the creaminess of it might be too much for my still sensitive tummy.  Same goes for the French Onion Soup. For my main though, I didn’t hold back: 8 oz sirloin with Roast Red Pepper sauce drizzled over it, topped with goat cheese; my side was a twice baked potato and we all shared the vegetable sampler, since veggies are the one thing the main dishes at the Keg is seriously lacking (I don’t count the baked tomato I got with my main. Not the best thing I’ve ever tasted). It was fabulous! Steak, good. Red peppers, good. Goat cheese, gooooood.

I didn’t want to go crazy with dessert, but I wanted something and luckily the Keg has these adorable mini-desserts that come in shot glasses! I got the Lemon Blueberry cake and it was just the right amount!

After dinner I came home and watched a couple of movies. I rented Despicable Me and Shrek Forever After. I loved both! Despicable Me was so cute and heart warming. And of course I loved Shrek! I’m a huge fan of that series. It actually made me tear up a little (not hard to do really, but still). I didn’t mean for it to be animation themed, but that’s just how it turned out!

Dinner tonight at my parents was great, as it always is when my mom cooks. She made this super tasty chicken dish (the name of which escapes me) but it was amazing! I’ll have to grab the recipe from her to pass along. The best part was seeing CJ, who I haven’t seen all week! She’s definitely over her stomach bug (thanks baby, for sharing the love) and was tooting around the house, her normal chatty self.

In other news, I’ve been chatting with someone on Plenty of Fish the past week and we’re going to get together on Tuesday! He seems nice. He’s 34 and lives close by. In his emails he comes across as quite witty. We bypassed any phone conversation, which I’m actually a fan of. I seem to have amazing phone conversations with guys and then they’re duds in person, but the guys I don’t converse with ahead of time, I have chemistry with. So here’s hoping!

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