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Flow Rider

January 5, 2011

I have never found dating, or the process of finding a guy to date, so stress free in my life! And I have A to thank for that I think. Even though he and I aren’t technically dating, I’ve been reacting to him exactly as I’ve always wanted to when dating someone and it’s giving me a huge boost of confidence. I now know that I can do it! I can be the dater I’ve always wanted to be!

How am I reacting differently? Well, first and foremost, I let him contact me. I think maybe twice over the past month have I took the initiative to contact him first and that was only because I said I would be in touch. The rest of the time, he’s been the one to text me first. Even if a few days go by, I don’t contact him. And it’s never more than a few days between texts from him, even if he cant’ get together.

Also, I’m not discounting the potential to date other guys;  I’m not making any demands on him; I’m not asking where we stand or expressing disappointment when he can’t get together. I’m quite relaxed and dare I say, blase, about the whole thing.

More than anything, I’m not analyzing him. I’m not critiquing his every action and comment, wondering what that says about his interest in me. I admit, there have been some moments that have made me wonder, but they haven’t kept me up nights, that’s for sure.

It’s actually helping me a lot in the process of online dating. I’m not getting my hopes up with every potential guy who emails me. This is a first for me, since I’m usually calculating in my head what kind of a future we could have, based on his tombstone information and the 100 words or so in in his profile 🙂

I’m hoping that this is a good lesson for me, that I don’t have to get as intense as I usually do, and so quickly, in the future when I’m first dating someone.

I’m going with the flow, and I’m very much enjoying the ride!

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