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A Week in Review

December 30, 2010

Sorry! I ended up at my sister’s last night and didn’t get a chance to post. Here’s a recap of the past week:

Christmas Eve – At my parent’s. Helped wrap presents, tidy up and popped over to my sister’s in the evening. (FYI< A texted to wish me a Merry Christmas. I haven’t seen him in a bit but we’ve been in touch. He’s downtown and without a car, so it’s a bit tricky to get together. The intention is there though. Maybe next week!).

Christmas!! – A quiet one. Woke up around 9am and we opened stockings (my parents and I. Oh, and my kitty. She came to stay too). Then we had our traditional Christmas breakfast of Christmas stolen (a German fruit bread, very similar to Italian panatone) and tea, then it was time to settle down to open gifts. I am a very lucky girl and got what was on my list: a stove-top popcorn popper (with a crank handle), a pair of earphones (more comfy than my iphone ones) and Keurig coffee maker! I love it so much, it’s brilliant. Thanks Mom and Dad!! After opening gifts we relaxed, played some Wii and then my sister and her fam came over and we had Christmas part deux, where they opened their gifts from us. Once that was done, we all packed up and headed out for dinner. Our hosts were (read slowly so you can follow) my sister’s husband’s brother’s wife’s parents. Got it? We are a fairly close extended family and they generously offered to have us all this year. Two of our flock were out sick, but we had a lovely dinner and enjoyed each other’s company. Now that there are so many kids, the party broke up early, so we headed home and my parents and I settled in to watch Inception, though I was so tired I was in bed by 11. And that was Christmas 2010!!

Boxing Day – You could not PAY me to be out at the sales on Boxing Day. I’d rather pay full price than line up and deal with the crowds. So we relaxed and I went up to my sister’s to help them out, as both she and my bro-in-law came down with the flu. Then it was back to my parents for a light dinner and we watched Avatar.

Monday (27th) – I played some Wii (Super Mario at the Olympic Games, Vancouver 2010. So much fun!) then packed up my stuff and my kitty to head home! I loved being with my parents, but there’s nothing like being in your own house. It occurs to me I’ve been here almost 6 years! How crazy is that?? For the rest of Monday I relaxed, read and watched a marthon of Back to the Future (II and III), which I got on Blue Ray in my stocking.

Tuesday – Um, I”m trying to remember. I think I spent most of the day reading. I got a few books for Christmas including the 4th and final book in the Bride series by Nora Roberts, Alter of Eden by James Rollins and the newest by Steve Berry, The Emperor’s Tomb. All have since been read and I enjoyed them all very much! Tuesday night I went to my sister’s for dinner with some of the girls (their hubby’s were out for the night), but was home relatively early. Vacation = a time for C to catch up on her sleep!

Yesterday – I watched Alice in Wonderland in the morning (the new one, with Johnny Depp) and it was good, though not the spectacular production I thought it would be. I then headed out to run a few errands, including a hair trim and to scope out tile. I’m thinking of doing a back splash in my kitchen and wanted to see what the price was like. Then it was up to my sister’s again to hang out with her and CJ for the day. My bro-in-law was away, so I ended up staying the night. We had fish and chips for dinner, then watched Away We Go, which I’ve seen (and LOVE) but my sister hadn’t.

Today – I woke up this morning to a smiling baby! There’s nothing like it 🙂 We headed down for breakfast and unfortunately, my sister woke up with the stomach flu. I’m really hoping that I didn’t get it, especially since my Dad is sick with the same thing right now and I saw him a couple of days ago. But I don’t normally get stomach bugs (knock on wood. I can’t remember the last time I had that kind of flu), so finger’s crossed! I stayed with her and helped out with CJ until my bro-in-law got home and then left.

And here I am, settled on the couch with the fire on. I’m watching Defending Your Life while I write, a movie from the early 90’s where a man dies and is stuck in the in-between place before going to heaven. The premise is that you have to defend your life choices before you move on. I’ve seen it before and it’s quite good. Makes you think about your own choices and how you deal with things. My personal belief is that it’s not what you do with your life, but how you do it. What’s going to define you are not your actions and experiences but how you deal with those actions and experiences.

I’m not sure what I’ll be up to tonight, but tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve! I have no grand plans, just getting together with some friends who live fairly close by. So I shall see you next year! Here’s to leaving behind the craziness of 2010 and starting fresh in 2011. I’m going to rock it.

Happy New Year!


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