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One Giant Leap for C

December 14, 2010

I just did something I never, ever thought I’d do. Never. Ever.

I downgraded my cable.

Breath C, breath. It’s going to be ok.


Yes, it will.

It’s been something I’ve been contemplating for awhile, but haven’t had the courage to actually make the change. But this morning I found myself picking up the phone and calling Rogers. I thought, if it’s hard to get a hold of someone, if it’s one of those talk to a machine to get the right option deals, I’ll just wait until a better time, but it was easy to get a live person. She offered up no resistance whatsoever to my request to downgrade (which surprised me) and very soon I found myself not only without the VIP Ultimate with Movies package (now just the VIP package, which means the loss of the Movie Network range and close to a hundred specialty channels), but also no long distance plan, a change I’d also been considering (I make zero LD calls in a month and yet pay $20 for it. Makes no sense).

Let me assure you this was no altruistic decision. I’m not trying to better myself culturally or watch less TV. I LOVE TV. I find it to be one of life’s greatest enjoyments. I consider TV and movies to be the visual version of books; stories come to life. How can that be a bad thing? I often come across people who proudly state “I don’t watch much TV”, as if  they’re somehow above those who lower themselves to turn on the tube now and then. I think the opposite and am not ashamed to admit it. Plus, as a single woman living alone, I find it a comfort to have the background noise on to keep me company.

No, it wasn’t because I want to join in on the ‘TV rots our brains’ parade. It was for financial reasons only. I am nowhere near being strapped for cash (so don’t worry mom), but it would be nice to have a little bit more wiggle room. I made one change to my bank account already to help cut down on service charges (I was paying between $30-40 a month and will now pay $10 flat for unlimited transactions), and with this change to my Rogers services, I’ll be have close to $100 more each month. Not too shabby!

No, I won’t be able to watch the next seasons of Mad Men or True Blood right away. But I can be patient and wait for them on Blue Ray. No, I won’t have the Movie Network on Demand or MPIX on Demand, to watch movies for free anytime I want (tears). But I’ll survive! And if I don’t, it’s easy enough to upgrade again. It doesn’t have to be forever.

I’m crossing thing off my 2011 goals list already and it’s not even the New Year! Go me!

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  1. December 14, 2010 7:46 pm

    This is Shawna via Ally’s computer. Go spend anywhere from $10 – $30 of that cool $100 you just saved on a VGA, DVI or HDMI cord so you may connect your laptop to your TV. Then contact Ally or myself to get about five websites you can watch all those TV shows and more for free. Some of them even have new movies! It will be like the cable never left, he just improved and got rid of commercials.

    BTW, Ally and I don’t watch illegal cable or videos. We know someone who knows someone who does…maybe. 🙂

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