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Veggie Tales

December 11, 2010

I ended up feeling so much better yesterday. Sometimes your body just needs a break. And I”m a firm believer in listening to what my body tells me. I am not the girl who trudges through or pushes through illness. That just makes it worse. It may mean that I end up going over my allotted sick days at work, but at least I end up feeling better a whole lot faster.  My personal health is important 🙂

Luckily all I needed on Thursday was a little extra at-home time to veg and I didn’t need to miss any work yesterday, which was impossible anyways because I had a project due. It was also lucky because I was able to see A last night. I picked him up from his dad’s and we came back to my place to hang out for the night.

I dropped him back home this morning and now I’m vegging (while simultaneously doing laundry, so I’m not completely unproductive). I have yet to decide what to do with my afternoon, though I know I’m heading to my parents for supper. I’m considering a trip to the shops, but with it being two weeks before Christmas (yay!),  I’m not entirely sure that’s the best plan. Me and crowds do not mix. At the moment though, I’m content to just relax on the couch with the tree lit and my fireplace on. Quite cozy!



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