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Gotta Love KD

December 3, 2010

I’m feeling off. My head is fuzzy and I’m super tired. And when I’m feeling off, to make myself better I do one of two things: Shop and eat. Tonight I did both.

I stopped into Walmart on the way home. Never a good thing, given the sheer number of things available to buy there. My intent was to pick up a couple of movies (namely Elf and Love Actually), some knitting needles and some slippers. I ended up with the needles (for my next project, a hat, as soon as I finish my scarf), but not the movies (not in stock) or slippers (they never have my size). I did come out with some food though, which brings us to the eating portion of my cure to feeling off. I had something I haven’t had in a long time for dinner:

A big ol’ bowl of Kraft Dinner. It was delish! Brought me back to my university days where I had a box of this a week. Now it’s more like a box or two a year, but it’s a  comfort food that never fails to comfort. I followed it up with a Mars bar, and I’m feeling a little perkier. Still really tired though, so I’m going to lamely be in bed soon (it’s 9pm on Friday night).

Tomorrow is ME day. I haven’t quite decided what ME day is going to entail yet, but since it’s all about ME, it’s going to be great!

Happy Friday!

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