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The List

December 2, 2010

I’m a little bored sitting here at home tonight, and with all my reflection of the past year, I can’t help but be reminded of all the guys I’ve dated in 2010. This led to more reflection on the guys I’ve dated since I ‘started’ dating.  So I thought it would be fun (?) to compile a list. I’m going to post it in my Dating page and will update it when I date someone new or if I forgot someone (which I’m pretty sure I did…hmmm).

Think of it as a cheat sheet if I happen to mention any of these guys in the future!

Number Initial Year # Dates Didn’t work because….
1 M 1997 1.5 (including prom) I was was super naive. I thought relationships just ‘happened’ overnight. Plus, he was a college guy, I was high school…
2 T 2000 Numerous Quite the gap there. My first real boyfriend. When he broke up with me, my confidence was shattered for years
3 J 2004 1 Another large gap…Awkward! Too short. Like, waaay to short.
4 R 2005 1 aka. Man Boobs. First ever blind date. Yikes.
5 C 2005 (I think) 1 Nice guy, no chemistry
6 K 2005 2 aka. Yamaha. Another blind date. Nice guy, but no chemistry and weird awkward silences. First thing he says to me: By the way I wear a lot of Yamaha clothing…..
7 20 dudes 2006 (I think) 1 I’m going to count speed dating 20 guys in one night as one date. The alternative, counting them individually will seriously skew my numbers
8 A 2007 1 aka. Cop stalker. Way more into me than I was into him. When I realized I wasn’t interested, he showed up at my work!
9 D 2007 2 I should have known he wasn’t for me after the first date when he said “Since this is our first time out, why don’t we split the bill”
10 T 2008 1 Nice guy, no chemistry
11 S 2009 Numerous First serious relationship since 2000. Thought he was the one but apparently not. Looking back, I can see how we wouldn’t have fit.
12 G 2009 1 First post-breakup date. The poor guy never had a chance.
13 R 2009 5 or 6 Really liked this guy, but he wasn’t looking for serious. He DID pick me up for one of our dates in a DeLorean. That’s right, the Back to the Future car!!!
14 D 2009 2 Weighed less then I did, but I tried. Just no chemistry.
15 G 2009 1 No chemistry
16 A 2009 1 No chemistry
17 A 2010 (Jan/Feb) 3 Geographically unavailable. But super nice and I had a good time. Reappeared in July, but I was involved. Reappeared again last week! This is the same A I’m seeing next week.
18 J 2010 (Jan) 1 I was done after 45 minutes. This was smack in the middle of seeing A.
19 S 2010 (April) 1 Nice guy, but no chemistry in person. Best date ever though, in that he PLANNED the whole thing. Took me to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Science Centre AND sprung for dinner after.
20 M 2010 (May) 4 Right. Where to start?! Thought we had something, then he disappeared, only to reappear in July (weird messages) and again a couple months ago.
21 C 2010 (July) 1 Nice guy. Probably thought I wasn’t interested when he said “call me sometime”, and I countered with “how about YOU call ME”.
22 N 2010 (July – ???) 6 Ah N. Started great, then went to the dogs. Can’t believe I spent months trying to make this one work.














Jan 11 2011





Lost track

Should never have gone. I went out with him the day after my first date with N. No contest. I wanted out after the first 15 minutes but we ended up having dinner AND dessert. Pain.Ful.

UPDATED March 18, 2011

He had me at hello! This one’s a keeper!


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