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Mish Mash

December 2, 2010

Just a mish mash of things to share today:


Yesterday was December 1st and I had been remiss in buying an advent calendar. As a child, we always got the religious-themed ones, where you opened a window everyday to a quaint biblical proverb relating to the Christmas story. We were eventually allowed to get the chocolate filled ones, (I’m guessing somewhere around the time when we stopped going to Church), and these are the ones I’ve been buying for years. You know the ones, the cheapo $1 calendars you buy at Walmart with the questionable chocolates. Well yesterday I graduated to the big times in the world of advent calendars! My friend and I popped into Pusateri’s over lunch and we each picked up one of these:

That’s right! A LINDT calendar!! Sadly, the chocolates are smaller than we would have liked, but taste considerably better than the plastic-y ones, so it was well worth the extra $$.

Dining Out

I have eaten out way to much this week: Kelsey’s for lunch on Tuesday, Jack Astor’s for dinner last night (with J and her daughter), Whole Foods Cafe for lunch today (in an effort to eat something healthy) and tomorrow I’m having lunch with my sister, mom and CJ who are coming down to visit me at work!

Definitely going to have to try and work out this weekend!

Field Milk

At Whole Foods for lunch, I picked up a chocolate milk produced by Organic Meadow. In theory, it should taste clean and pure and yummy. Perhaps not as much sugar as Neilson’s chocolate milk, but still, it’s chocolate, so it should taste good, right? WRONG!! It tasted like a farmer’s field. L (who joined me for lunch) laughed when I said this, but have you ever tasted something and compared it to how something smells? This milk tasted like how fields smell.


It’s Thursday

Which has numerous meanings:

  1. Dinner with my sister and CJ. Tonight we’re going to my mom’s since a) my dad’s away and b) neither of us wants to cook and c) even if I wanted to cook I have no food since (see above) I’ve been out all week
  2. Bones, Grey’s Anatomy and The Office are all on, but given that it’s December I’m think they’re probably in re-runs tonight
  3. Tomorrow is Friday!!!
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