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Weekend Wind-Up

November 28, 2010

Oh my goodness I’m exhausted. It’s only 7pm and it’s all I can do not to nap! I must resist, or else I won’t get  to sleep later and then I’ll be all messed up tomorrow, which is already a given because it’s Monday and I’m generally messed up on Mondays anyways, and that’s without having had a bad sleep.

Today was a zen kind of day. I spent the morning relaxing and knitting, then got ready and my sister picked me up just before 2pm so we could go see the new Harry Potter! It was great! I’m not sure what the reviewers are talking about when they said it was boring. Really? I thought it was action packed! I can’t wait until the last installment, which is scheduled for release in July of 2011.

Yesterday evening was CJ’s first birthday party and let me tell you, it was baby-palooza! There were 7 kids aged 2 and under there (the youngest was six weeks), but otherwise it was a fairly small group of close friends and family. CJ is one lucky little girl! She was really good and seemed to enjoy herself, despite not having a nap the entire day. By nine though (way past her bedtime) she was ready for bed, so we cleared out and headed home.

And so here I find myself trying to stay awake. Could be the pizza. I treated myself to delivery and I possibly definitely ate too much. I have no turn off switch when it comes to pizza.

In other news, it looks like I will be seeing A next week when he’s home! I’ll keep you posted on that. You never know, our plans might not work out, but as of right now we’re on.

And that’s my weekend wind-up. Busy as usual, but with plenty of relaxing time. Next weekend is the first weekend of December and you know what that means?? Decorating for Christmas!! Yay!

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