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November 23, 2010

In an effort to keep myself busy (my glum from yesterday still threatens), I grouped what could have easily been three nights worth of errands into one. Off I went:

1. To Home Depot in North Whitby!!  Here I bought a pair of 4 ft pre-lit trees for only $50!! They shall grace my porch to detract attention from the fact that I’m one of the few houses that doesn’t put up Christmas lights (I’m afraid of lights. Plus, it’s cold out). I need to put something in them to weight them down before I put them outside (it’s darn windy out tonight), but here’s the almost finished product (note: kitty LOVES eating them):

2. To Michael’s in Oshawa!! My mission was to find the yarn I’m using to make a scarf for myself, but sadly it could not be located. Here’s hoping I do actually have enough (but if you’re at a Michael’s not in Whitby or Oshawa and happen to see Loops and Threads (brand) – Charisma (style) in Holiday (that’s the colour), please pick me up a couple of balls!!

3. To Walmart, next to Michaels!! This was the biggest Walmart I’ve ever been in, in my entire life. It. Was. Huge. And all I needed was a new pillow (success) and some sour cream (double success). Luckily there were no lines. Actually, come to think of it all the shops were pretty empty….

4. To Toys R’ Us in Whitby!! Holy cow! Are there ever a lot of toys in the world! It’s kind of sad really. But that didn’t prevent me from buying something totally cute and frivolous for CJ’s first birthday! I can’t wait for her to see what I bought. I can just see her little face form an ‘ooo’.

And now I’m home, making some dinner (hors d’oeuvres, which are handy for such an occasion when I”m home late) and just sittin’. I find myself feeling somewhat anxious and can’t pinpoint the reason. Well, I can pinpoint the reason, but there’s nothing I can do about it so I’m trying to keep myself from thinking about it. Hence the errands.

I think I’ll get out my knitting. It’s calming and I do need to finish my scarf for CJ. Only 10 inches to go!

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