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It’s Saturday Night!

November 20, 2010

I was up bright and early today. I rarely sleep in on the weekends anymore, plus I was expecting my parents to pick me up at 9am to head up to the cottage. Of course, we were a little late getting going, and while I waited I managed to get some much needed cleaning done.

When they picked me up, I was greeted in the car with a coffee and tea biscuit from Tim’s. I could say that my dad surprised me with it, but the truth is I shamelessly asked them to pick me up some breakfast last night 🙂

It was a nice drive up to the cottage, just two hours door to door. And what a door we arrived at! The cottage belongs to my sister and her in-law’s and last year they tore down the existing cottage to build a newer, modern structure. It’s stunning! There are no words to describe how lovely it is. But there is a lot of work to be done inside, and we were there to lend a hand with the clean up. Construction creates a lot of dust!

I did my part, mopping and vacuuming the floors of my sister’s bedroom, but mostly I was on CJ watch (I have a bad back right now which makes bending activities like mopping and vacuuming hard). After an afternoon of work, we packed up and left around 5pm, but not before I took these stunning pics:

We made it back into town (my parents and I) and immediately headed to Swiss Chalet. For those of you who may be reading this from outside of Canada, Swiss Chalet is a Canadian tradition. It’s a restaurant chain as ingrained in our Canadian DNA as Tim Horton’s. Known for their inexpensive chicken dinners, the real reason to go to Swiss Chalet in the month leading up to Christmas can be summed up in these two words: Festive. Special.

The Festive Special is made up of the following: A quarter chicken dinner (white or dark, I get white) with your choice of fries or salad (fries of course) and accompanied by stuffing and cranberry sauce. For us Canadians, the gap between our Thanksgiving and Christmas is just too long to go without some stuffin’. But the best part of the Festive Special is yet to come. At the end of your meal, the server brings you a box of Lindor chocolates. I remember way back in the day when we used to get a mini Toblerone bar, but the five multi-flavoured Lindor chocolates were very much welcome (though I still miss the Toblerone). It’s a must-have meal at least ONCE during the holiday season. Check that off my “You know you’re Canadian When” list!

Now I’m home, sort of watching The Bounty Hunter, but it’s obviously not good enough to capture my attention since I’m writing this post as I watch. Gerard Butler is super yummy, and I love Jennifer Aniston, but her movies are always a little, um, lame. I might have to put something else on. I’m just glad to be at home. I’m exhausted and sadly will probably be in bed before 11pm. Ah well. A partier, I’m not.

So I”m going to sign off, cuddle up on the couch with the fire on and munch on my Lindor chocolates. It’s my duty as a Canadian to eat them 🙂

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  1. November 21, 2010 5:56 am

    Now I’m hungry thinking about the 2x leg + chips dinner at Swiss Chalet 5 months ago … with the special sauce.

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