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November 19, 2010

Well, not yet. But SOON!! 

It’s my favourite time of year, and tonight on my way home I was feeling festive. How so you ask? Earlier this week my sister informed me that 102.5 (out of Buffalo) is now playing Christmas music 24/7!! I’m so excited! My radio is tuned and between now and Christmas it’s not going to move (unless a Toronto station steps up).

In the spirit of Christmas music, I turned on my Christmas playlist on my iphone, and actually downloaded a bunch of Christmas tunes I don’t yet have:


  • Anne Murray – Christmas Wishes (classics from the 80’s, including The Little Drummer Boy)
  • Cast of Glee – The Christmas Album (I love anything Glee)
  • Now Christmas 3 (I wanted the song by Serena Ryder, Calling to Say)


  • Josh Groban – Believe (from the Polar Express)
  • The Ennis Sisters – Ennis Road (LOVE this song. They’re from Newfoundland!)
  • Aselin Debison – The Gift

I’m on the lookout for Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer) by Nicolas Jonas and one other song that’s so elusive, I can’t seem to pin it down. I can hum it and hear it in my head, and I’m pretty sure it’s by Randy Travis (my preferred music genres are tossed out during the holidays, so bring on the country), but I can’t find it anywhere. There are still a lot of songs I want to add, but will do it gradually.

Also in the spirit, I picked up the supplies I need to make a Christmas craft for my close friends and family. I don’t buy presents anymore (just for the kiddies), preferring to donate to the Children’s Aid Foundation instead, but I like to give something. This is pretty much the only time of year I feel crafty, and I have the perfect idea in mind (hint: it may involve knitting). After the holidays, I’ll post a pic of my finished product!

Happy Weekend everyone!


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