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Go-to Place

November 18, 2010

A g0-to place is somewhere you feel safe. Somewhere you can relax and be alone.

My go-to place is my bathtub. I have a bath every single night before bed. If I don’t have a bath it’s because I’m either A) not at home for the night or B) drunk and passed out. A is rare (I love my bed) and  B even rarer and happens mostly when A is in effect.

Part of my bath habit is an incessant, almost OCD-like need to be clean before going to sleep, but it’s also a way to mentally and psychically unwind from the day.

My process is the same, every night, with minor variations:

I turn on the water. I try and turn the handle to the exact same spot each not, acheivning the perfect temperature by the time the tub is filled. I like it hot.

Pour in a generous amount of bubble bath. Right now I have  four scents from Bath and Body Works I choose from: Twilight Woods, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, and my absolute fave, Dark Kiss.

Since we upgraded to a soaker tub when we bought the house (Best. Idea. Ever.), it takes almost 10 minutes to fill, so in the meantime I putter. I gather my clothes for the next day, I plump my pillows, I grab my reading material for the bath, I brush my teeth etc.

Once it’s full enough (I’m a tall girl and like to be fully covered. What’s the point if half your body is sticking out and cold?), I get in and feel the heat relax my muscles. I suffer from tension headaches, so I consider it a therapeutic exercise as well. On occasion, I’ll get in before it’s full, usually when I’m cold and need to warm up.

While in the bath, I might pick up a book. I might do some grooming (no need to go into detail). I’ll watch my kitty walk around the bathmat (she refuses to walk on it for some reason) to come up and visit. I might just lie back and relax. Sometimes it’s a happy bath and I just enjoy being in the water, surrounded by bubbles and the yummy smell of the bubble bath (aromas are quite soothing to me). And sometimes it’s a let-it-all out kind of bath. My bath is where I do all my most serious crying. There’s something comforting about being enveloped in warm water while letting my emotions stream out. Plus, the water is right there to splash the tears and ruined mascara off my face.

Once I have my bath, I feel better. I feel refreshed. I’m ready for bed then and am not long for sleep once I’m there.

Saving water be damned. I’ll be eco-friendly in other ways.  I need my go-to place.

Everyone needs a go-to place.

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