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November 12, 2010

I read horoscopes for fun. I don’t let them rule my life, but sometimes they are cannily accurate and give me a push in the right direction. My love horoscope today (at succinctly put into words what I’ve been dealing with for the past week:

Today you will experience a meeting of the heart and mind. If you have been engaged in an internal battle trying to decide whether to listen to the reasons why you shouldn’t enter into this relationship, as opposed to your feelings about why you should, then perhaps you need to reframe your perspective. If you go with your gut instinct, you won’t go wrong.

It’s as if I’ve been at war with myself over N. Do I give him space or do I show my support? Am I ridiculous for waiting or should I move on? The questions go on and on. But I’ve been taking their advice and going with my gut. Too often I let my thoughts rule me. I suppose that as long as I feel good about it, it’s the right thing. So far I feel good. Hopefully he feels that way too.

If things don’t work out with him though, I’ve decided to go on dating hiatus until January. It’s just been too much of an emotional roller coaster ride the past few months and I need a break. I don’t care what people say; there is no time line for getting over someone. Maybe N and I  only dated for a few weeks, but I’ve been involved emotionally for months and that means something to me. You have to give yourself as much time as you need and if you force yourself, it’ll just be damaging in the long run.

I’m off to Windsor this weekend with M1 to visit our good friend L! We shall chat, shop, eat and have a super good time. I’ll give you all the details when I’m home on Sunday. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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