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Today’s Love List

November 5, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to identify one thing I love, let alone ten. It’s been a crazy, emotional few weeks! But there is light at the end of the tunnel (getting brighter every day), and I’m feeling great today!

Ten things I love:

  1. The freshness of a brand new deodorant. Is it just me, or does that first use after opening a new stick smell fresher and is longer lasting than at any other time?
  2. Talking to boys on the phone, especially if they’ve called you without you asking them to. To me, in this age of dating through text messages, IM and email, this is the ultimate sign of interest (and it just so happens I received such a phone call the other night. Giggle).
  3. Looking back at events that at the time were weird or awkward experiences, but now being able to laugh hysterically at them.
  4. Christmas!! It’s almost Christmas, my favourite holiday!!!
  5. Reading about other people’s life experiences and being comforted by knowing there are other people out there who think just like I do (two new blogs I’m reading: Rantings of a Single Girl and Maura Me to Love)
  6. Laughing at yourself. I love to laugh at myself, at my quirks, habits and idiosyncrasies. How about the fact that I lick the edge of a mug before I take a drink? Weird or what?
  7. Psychic moments. Like when you’re thinking about a person and they call you a second later (usually my sister). Or you’re thinking about a movie or episode of a TV show and it’s on later that day.
  8. Work treats. I love getting the emails saying ‘Treats at reception’ or ‘leftover treats from last nights event’. Nothing like a little snack to keep you going throughout the day!
  9. Going to the airport, whether I’m going somewhere, picking up or dropping off.  The airport represents so many different things to me: exploration, connections, relationships. And frankly, even though I know how it works, it amazes me still that planes fly.
  10. Heat. My furnace was fixed yesterday after two weeks of being off. Heat is gooooooood.

Happy Friday!


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