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Weekend? Hello? Are you still here?

October 24, 2010

The weekend flew by! Not fair! It’s already Sunday afternoon. 😦

I had a good time though. Friday night I spent with my sister and CJ, which is always fun. CJ is so adorably cute and smart!  And yesterday I had a shopping marathon with my mom. She and my dad are heading to Costa Rica for their 35th wedding anniversary, so she’s on the hunt for new clothes. I’m always happy to help, and in fact picked her out a super cute, flattering dress at Laura. I was looking for winter boots, but sadly, can’t find any I like. Well, that’s not true. I have found a pair I like, but they’re $350. A little hefty compared to what I want to spend. Le sigh. I did pick up a couple of sweaters from the Jacob Outlet. $10 each! I have a blue one in the exact same style I bought last year, so I know they wash and wear well. Why not get a couple more, especially at such a bargain?

Since I was out Friday night, I stayed in last night. It was my hormonal blues time (hit me at the mall yesterday) and so I just needed some me time. I’m not very good for people in that mood. Not angry or anything, just sullen. I made the super tasty veggie wraps I made earlier this week for dinner, then watched movies and read while snacking on Miss Vickie’s for the rest of the night.

Today I’m doing laundry and managed to pop out to get some groceries for the week. My back and head are bothering me today (weather?), so I took some Tylenol, turned the couch around so I could lie down, and watched Shutter Island. It was good! Not as creepy as I was expecting. From the previews I thought it was a horror! Not so. I’ve been wanting to watch it, but have been putting it off because it was originally a movie N and I were supposed to watch together. I suppose subconsciously I’ve been hoping we’ll get together again, but I can’t count on that, so let’s consider this a step in the direction of me moving on. I am having a really difficult time getting past this one. I’m going to give myself another week until I go back online and sign up for that speed dating event I mentioned. There is absolutely no point trying to date when you’re not in the right place for it. It’s a waste of my time and the time of the guys I date.

There you have it! My weekend in a nutshell. Hope y’all had a good one too!


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