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Thanksgiving Weekend!

October 11, 2010

Obviously my turkey weekend didn’t start out so well. Luckily, I’m a gal who rally’s and I’ve pulled myself together.

My family celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. I headed over to my parents early, to spend time with my Mom, sister and CJ (the men were playing golf). We had a nice time playing and took a walk outside (the weather was perfect!) and then I headed to the train station to pick up L (her fam lives in BC, so I invited her to our dinner). Once we got back, everyone started arriving (my Brother in law, his parents, my cousin and her beau, and friends of my parents).  Dinner was, as it always is when cooked by my Mom, fabulous! Everyone who came contributed something and it was quite the feast! My contribution was crab crisps for an appetizer:


½ cup Hellmans Mayonnaise

9 slices sandwich bread

1 ½ cup cheddar cheese

1 tin of crab meat

½ cup green onions

1 tbsp lemon juice

¼ tsp hot pepper sauce


1.      Combine mayo, cheese, crab, onions, lemon juice and hot pepper sauce.

2.      Remove crusts from bread, and cut slices into quarters.

3.      Brush a bit of mayo on one side of quartered bread piece and push into mini muffin tin.

4.      Scoop crab mixture into bread cups

5.      Bake at 350 degrees F for 15-20 minutes, or until crisp and brown on edges.

L and I headed home (she stayed over) once things were tidied up and we watched When In Rome (LOVE Josh Duhamel. Yum). Sunday morning came and after managing to scrounge up breakfast (grocery shopping has not been a strong point lately), I dropped her at the train, then headed back home to take some time to relax. I read, knitted, worked out and caught up on some shows. Suitably relaxed by late afternoon, I headed to my parents for leftovers (turkey dinner no.2) and then came back home and settled in with a movie.

I watched Iron Man 2, which was as expected, cheesy but entertaining. Robert Downy Jr. is HOT. And I admit to having a girl crush on Scarlett Johanson. Wow. She was smokin’!

Today was a bit more somber. I drove to London this morning to attend the funeral of my close friend’s father. He died last week after a battle with pancreatic cancer. It’s a devastating blow to her family, but I’m so proud of how she’s handling it. The service was lovely, the words spoken of him beautiful and though I never met him, his legacy is in his daughters. They’re strong, confident women and will carry him in their hearts forever.

I cried (of course. When don’t I?) but took the time to reflect on what’s important in life. Mr. H told his family he had no regrets in life and if I was to look back when I’m at the end of my time on earth, I want to be able to say the same.

I got home early this evening, and spent the drive home thinking of N and what to do. I decided to send him a closure letter tonight. I still really care about him, but can’t continue to go through this emotional roller coaster without so much as a peep from him in return. I did everything  I thought was right and though I wish things had gone down differently (boy, do I!), I’m ok with how I’ve handled things. It hurts, but I’m not going to hold a grudge and I’m not going to have any regrets. I’ve fought for him, but there’s only so much I can do.

So there’s my weekend. High points and low points. And now I’m gearing up for my week off! I have lots on the go, but plan on getting a lot of quality doing nothing time in there as well 🙂

I’ll be in touch throughout the week! Happy Thanksgiving!

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