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Busy bee, that’s me!

October 2, 2010

Holy cow have I been busy! Work busy. I was there until almost nine last night. Boo! But better to stay late on a Friday night then come in on a Saturday (that’s my opinion at least). We got a ton accomplished though, which is the good thing. (Confession: I had Macdonald’s at Union Station last night and it was so f-ing good I don’t regret it for one second. Well maybe for one second, but then I tasted the fries and practically inhaled them along with my nuggets).

So today has been relax day. I had a really great sleep, got up and had the best coffee I’ve ever made! Then I popped out to the grocery store for a few odds and ends and got back just in time for my sister and CJ to arrive. They stayed for a couple hours, which was awesome! My poor kitty doesn’t know what to think of CJ, but CJ LOVES her. Now that she’s walking, she can easily chase after her. Kitty tolerated her while she was immobile, but now runs away, poor thing.

After they left I picked up my knitting and stitched a few rows. I’ve hit an impass where I”m a little confused with the pattern, but I’m so happy with what I’ve done so far! Our next class is on Monday and I’ll be able to ask about the pattern then. While I knitted, I watched the shows I missed this week: Bones, Grey’s, The Office and Cougar Town.

And then I started watching Temple Grandin (Claire Danes won the Emmy for Best Actress in a TV movie). It was amazing! And seriously making me contemplate giving up meat for good. There were parts where I was crying, feeling so sad for the cattle. But she’s an amazing person and her efforts have revolutionized the process of raising cattle, making the treatment of animals compassionate and humane. I think I’ll do some research into farms who treat their animals nicely (and possibly organically raised), to have a source if I actually cook any meat. I don’t cook meat at home, unless there’s a boy coming over for dinner, which fingers crossed may be happening again soon. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Now I’m just getting ready to head out to a friend’s birthday party. It’s Nuit Blanche tonight in Toronto, but I’m not participating. I’m not so much one for crowds of people. Be safe if you’re heading out!

Let’s hope you all are having a nice Saturday!

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